Wonkette Exclusive: Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo Bares All

mimi%20miyagi%20melody%20damayo%20governor%20pornography%20porn%20star%20adult%20film.JPGLast month, Wonkette enthusiastically endorsed Melody Damayo for governor of Nevada. Damayo, you may recall, is a former adult film actress, known to her fans as "Mimi Miyagi." She's now running -- as a Republican -- for the governorship of Nevada.

We are proud to report that we've scored an exclusive interview with Ms. Damayo. Here's an excerpt:

Wonkette: Your path to political office is less than traditional -- not many politicians have worked in the adult film industry. If elected, how would your experience in the adult film industry help you in your work as governor?

Damayo: It has given me much experience in dealing with the public, with a mature handling of patience. That is what many people in office I see especially [pay] heed to when dealing with vast numbers of people. PATIENCE.

We agree. Do you any idea of how much time can pass between takes?

Our full interview with Melody Damayo appears after the jump. We think you'll be impressed by her thoughtful and articulate responses, just as we were.

Also, tonight Mimi will be appearing on The Situation with Tucker Carlson. It will air on MSNBC at 11 PM and again at 2 AM. Don't miss it!

The interview was conducted over email. Our questions appear in italics. Here it is:

1. Why are you running for governor of Nevada? How did you come to this decision?

Honestly I'm a single mother who has concerns about our state. Nevada has come to unparalleled growth in the past decade. Our police force isn't expanded enough either to support the ever growing number of people moving here, and with Nevada being on top of the list in the country as the most crime happening here. I believe many upgrades need to take place.

I want my daughter to grow up in a state that she can feel safe in as well as keep up a good education. Money Magazine has stated Nevada at the bottom of the pole [Ed. note: heheh] as far as education falls. It's well at the number of around 460th. Teachers are leaving the state in numerous amounts. I want to bring balance into the state and its budget. Not by taxing those that are so called un-united voters such as entertainers. But by perhaps taxing by the vote of the people to fix the $704 million dollar deficit we have. I've run several successful companies.

My experience includes publishing a magazine, producing films, and I was even at the base root of the now thriving internet. The position in office as a Governor is to govern the state properly. With care and affection for the people. It is a leadership position, I'm well qualified for that, having been a CEO since 1993, and I was a mere teenager when I started the corporation.

2. Your career path has been extremely interesting, packed with diverse experiences. You've worked as a model, dancer, adult film star, magazine publisher, and small business owner, among other things. How has this background prepared you for the rough-and-tumble world of political campaigning?

Yes the world of politics has many people dismayed to believing them anymore. It has grown to becoming overshadowed by what people view full of greedy, slimy, bunch of liars. I want to bring politics back to what it was intended for. That is FOR THE PEOPLE. No more lies, just truth and an honest politician finally!

3. Your path to political office is less than traditional -- not many politicians have worked in the adult film industry. If elected, how would your experience in the adult film industry help you in your work as governor?

It has given me much experience in dealing with the public with a mature handling of patience. That is what many people in office I see especially heed to when dealing with vast numbers of people. PATIENCE.

4. You were a trailblazer for Asian-American women in the adult film industry, and you're also one of the most famous Filipino-Americans in the United States. How does your Asian- and Filipino-American heritage inform your political views (if at all)?

Growing up in the United States, and seeing on the news as a child of how the Marcoses stole from their country, made me want to veer in completely the opposite direction of their selfishness. I am about balance, peace and the health of the state.

5. Another prominent female candidate for governor is the bodybuilding dominatrix Leola McConnell. Are you afraid of her?


6. Your website currently features a First Man Search. What's this all about?

I have been single for the past 5 years pretty much. As an adult film star, sometimes it's difficult to meet the right one. I figured if I at least get a feel of the person via an online application it would help me in my 1st man search dating experience.

7. Given your past as an adult film actress, many people probably have all sorts of preconceptions about you. If you could share one surprising fact about yourself, or dispel one myth or wrong assumption, what would it be?

That I don't walk around the house in garter belts and stockings, stillettos 24/7.

8. What do you regard as the most serious issue facing the state of Nevada today, and how would you address it as governor?

Terrorism budget. The federal policy doesn't allocate enough funds to cover even half of the growing amounts of people traveling in an out of the city of Las Vegas. Nor does it even look at the balance between the people moving into the state versus the tourists. I am concerned for the safety of the people, and the budget for fighting terrorism doesn't expand to what is truely needed to protect the people visiting and living here.

9. As reflected in our endorsement, everyone at Wonkette is rooting for you in your quest for the Nevada governorship. In the event that you don't win, however, what are your plans for the future? Would you perhaps consider making a bid for another office -- like the presidency?

If immigrants were allowed to run for office, I might. But in the meanwhile, I would be fine accepting it, and continuing on my heavily packed tour and acting schedule this year.

Does she know her U.S. Constitution, or what? C'mon, people, let's get Article II amended!

We thank Ms. Damayo for taking the time to answer our questions. We reiterate our endorsement of her candidacy, and wish her the best of luck in the election!

Mimi on TV: WED. JUNE 14 Tucker Carlson Show MSNBC [Mimi's Diary]

Earlier: Official Wonkette Endorsement: Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo

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