scotus%2014.JPGToday Wonkette took a field trip to the U.S. Supreme Court. We were all excited, 'cause we -- like many others -- thought it might be the last day of the Term.

The Court would hand down decisions in all its big-ticket cases -- like the Texas redistricting case, and the Guantanamo Bay detainee case. Maybe a justice would announce his or her retirement. We might be present for the making of history.

As it turned out, the SCOTUS faked us out. Moving into overtime, they announced that tomorrow will be the last day of the Term. Perhaps their recent night at the movies caused the justices to fall behind in their work.

Nevertheless, our visit to the Court was worthwhile. Even though the decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld will have to wait until tomorrow, we did get to watch Justice Kennedy try to explain the confusing raft of opinions in the Texas redistricting case. And we swooned when the hunky Chief Justice started talkin' dirty to us, about Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on "Consular Relations"...

After the jump, part one of our two-part photo essay on our day with the Supremes.

Update: Part Two is available here.

scotus%2010.JPGTo enter the building, you have make it past this guy. As you can see, he's fast on the draw.

scotus%201.JPGThen you have to put your camera and cell phone in this coin-operated locker -- 'cause Justice Souter said cameras will end up in the courtroom "over [his] dead body," and he's still alive. The locker costs twenty-five cents, which is kinda lame -- so don't leave home without your laundry money. (But there is a change machine in case you forget.)

scotus%203.JPGWhat the Supreme Court shares in common with an hourly-rate motel. Your fancy new flip phone got stolen? Nino doesn't want to hear about it.

scotus%202.JPGNext to the locker room, there appears to be a Supreme Court seamstress (if this sign is to be believed). If you rip your judicial robe after snagging it on a doorknob, talk to her.

scotus%204.JPGWalking the halls of justice.

scotus%205.JPGThis is one of several courtyards, where the famed Supreme Court "happy hours" take place each Thursday. After Justice Ginsburg has that third beer, there's no telling what she might do.

scotus%206.JPGYour tax dollars at work: those damn activist judges get elevators of SOLID GOLD.

scotus%207.JPGAnd last night, they went to this great Christian rock concert...


scotus%209.JPGIf you don't like that whole "judicial review" thing, take it up with this guy.

Check back later today, when we'll post the rest of our pictures.

Update:Wonkette Field Trip: A Pilgrimage to the Supremes (Part Two)


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