Wonkette Field Trip: A Pilgrimage to the Supremes (Part Two)

scotus%2016.JPGThe TV people were faked out by the Court today too. And unlike us, they brought all this crap with them.

Earlier today, we brought you the first installment of pictures from our field trip to the Supreme Court this morning. We thought it would be the final day of the Term. We thought wrong.

Now, the rest of our photo essay. Check out the pics, after the jump.

After the proceedings were finished, we wandered outside, where we took lots and lots of photographs. Here are a few of them.

scotus%2021.JPGThey don't call it One First Street for nothing.

scotus%2011.JPGThe view from the courthouse steps: the Capitol. Ugh, those clowns...

scotus%2020.JPGIt ain't easy being green. Hey -- are those flip-flops?


scotus%2012.JPGIs that girl about to sit on the other girl's lap? That's HOTT.


scotus%2022.JPG"Are we having fun yet?"



scotus%2024.JPGYes, those are definitely flip-flops. Someone call Robin Givhan!!!

scotus%2023.JPGThe flip-flop bandits, leaving the scene of the crime.

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