Wonkette Harasses Attorney General Eric Holder At Washington Movie Premiere


So what does mysterious morning Wonkette editor Riley Waggaman do at night? He goes to celebrity events and basically attacks the Obama Administration, in person. City Paper reports:

The guest list included plenty of actors (James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood) and politicians (11 senators, 10 House members, one Supreme Court justice), which drew an eclectic assortment of media. The Washington Post and the network affiliates and the likes of People and US Weekly were there; so were wire-service photographers, who probably spend most of their week in the White House briefing room. Also along the red carpet: Brightest Young Things, Wonkette, and the American University Eagle. "Do you think the tribunals were a good idea?” yelled Wonkette blogger Riley Waggaman at Attorney General Eric Holder as he passed. Holder didn't comment.

That's because Holder's an establishment pig and he's going down in the revolution. (This was Riley's subtext.) [City Paper via Jim Newell]


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