Wonkette Instant Opinions You Should Have Now: Walken, Women, Wolfeboro

Need an opinion? We have several. Take one, please.

Christopher Walken running for president: Finally, an inaugural ball first dance worth watching. Also: More cow bell!

Jeanine Pirro's mob connections: When was she considered a challenger again?

WH hires female chef: We don't see this as a triumph for women so much as a triumph for reporters who have nothing to write about.

Bush takes reporters mountain biking, institutes "may not pass the President" rule: It's how he gets through cabinet meetings, too.

"Wolfeboro just might be the next Summer White House": See, here's the horse, then comes the cart.

C-SPAN does podcasts: Our workouts will never be the same.

Delta's DC-NYC-Boston shuttle institutes first class seating: So much for ever talking to Walter Isaacson again.


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