postpollgraph.gifOh man, people trust the Democrats on terrorism? The Democrats don't trust the Democrats on terrorism! Seriously, every time there's a suspicious substance warning, Peter Visclosky hides behind Denny Hastert -- we've seen it.

Really, though, the polls numbers, very informative, blah blah blah, but what's most interesting to us is that somehow 91% of voters have managed to divine a difference between Democratic and Republican plans for Iraq. Or, even more surprising, they've maybe found Democratic plans for Iraq. You know, besides the popular "DON'T MENTION THE WAR" policy laid out by Representative Fawlty (D-Torquay).

WONKETTE INSTANT POLL ANALYSIS will return next week, when the President will once again receive his LOWEST APPROVAL RATING EVAH, after which, to shore up his numbers, he will take unscreened questions from a high school civics class and sit in on drums with REM or something. Registered voters will be impressed with his time-keeping ability, but still trust Bill Berry more with ensuring the solvency of Social Security.

Poll Finds Bush Job Rating at New Low [WP]


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