Wonkette Is The Whore's ... Wait, What?

Now wait for last year.What happens when your editors get so many Nutty McNutball emails in a single day? We are forced to launch Email of the Night, a tragic new feature that will put a much-needed spotlight on America's people who should go to bed and stop sending the hotmails. Now let's welcome our first guest on the Long Couch of Problems.

From: Stanley O.
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2008
Subject: Who are the Real Monster, Wonektte?

THE REAL MONSTER is John McCAN'T. Now we know the facts and you are ot going to liooka t them are you. Here we have the man:

* It is FACT that John McCAN'T is from Vietnamese DEscent.
* It is FACT that JOhn McCAN'T has a baby that is NOT from Veitnam, therefore, the baby is NOT HIS.
* It is FACT that John McCAN'T is an equal war.
* IT is FACT That the media (WONKETTE) Doesn't want this FACT to be known and makes up gibbeirsh fro heis slave dolar. More FANTASY than FACT is the media whore lullaby. Therefore, WONKETTE you are the whore's cunt.

Hilory Clinton has RODHAM POWER. Tomorow nows the truth, but you forget it for today. Typical Whore STUNT. Good Luck, slime media. I suppose you think a woman writes this now a white man has to support John McCAN'T??? Why??? Because of God's made similarity? THnak you I'll stay this way. Barock Obama has it wrong: No, John McCAN't! No, MAN OR CUNT? CUNT!

Forget FANTASTY for ONCE. Look at FACTS.

Stanley O.

Washinton District fo Columbia.


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