Wonkette Joins Lou Dobbs & Michele Bachmann as Proponents of the Birther Conspiracy


People are finally figuring out the Wonkette -- it not only thinkseverything is so funny, but it is also cleverly propagating the most vile conspiracy of our Time, that Barack Obama was actually not born at all. He was not born! There, we said it. We don't care if Robert Gibbs personally milks a gallon of "DNA" from Nobama and shows it on the teevee, there is literally no proof, long form or short term, that Barack Obama was born. Our Constitution says PRESIDENT MUST BE BORN, PERIOD. We think this is the 15th or 2nd amendment. So thank you, "Brian M.," for figuring out Wonkette is birthers.

From: Brian M.

To: Juli Weiner, Jim Newell, Sara K. Smith, Ken Layne

Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 2:01 PM

Subject: Birthers

I think it's so digusting that you all IMMATURE, CHILDISH REPUBLICANS AND BIRTHERS, as well as LOU DOBBS, Pat Boone, Michelle Bachman and Gil Goody in trying to disprove Obama's birthplace.

To me it's very OBVIOUS, WAY OBVIOUS that you all are racists and do not like black people. I've noticed that since the beginning and that's why I do not like Republicans...period - because they think they're holier-than-thou and are so perfect in every way -- Fuck that! They're no perfect and they're stupid fuckers who think they can control and rule the world.

This is how Obama got to Earth, and it sure as hell wasn't through an American Vagina:


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