Wonkette Needs Interns


Faster! Faster! The Note won't make fun of itself!

It may seem like the easiest job in the world, but running Wonkette is hard work. Paths need to be shoveled from our beds to our laptops. Someone has to read The Hill. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes dirty work that needs to get done to keep DC's sex-starved masses entertained all day. So we need help. Specifically, the kind of help that comes cheap and easy to push around -- that's right, interns! We're looking for innocent, fresh-faced youngsters to defile (metaphorically, of course) and disillusion (quite literally, we hope). More specifics after the jump.

The stuff you'll be doing is fairly nebulous (read: we haven't figured it out yet), but it'll almost certainly involve trawling various forms of media, research, and a bit (or a lot) of writing. So you'll need internet proficiency (natch), possibly a television or access to one, and familiarity with basic html/blogging platforms (or willingness to learn). It'll be helpful to have an interest in Washington DC and politics. Or, failing those, assfucking. And you'll need to be able to write. That's the most important bit.

Here's what we want from you: Send us an email with the subject header "Wonkette Intern." Tell us about yourself. Tell us why you want/deserve the job. Tell us your interests, your biases, your obsessions, and (this is important) your availability. Talk trash about your peers. Entertain and impress us.

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