Wonkette Needs YOU To Spread Fear

Awesome movie about zombie redneck Gulf War veteran ... rent it! - WonketteA Wonkette operative writes today, "Upon complaining to my local airport screener this a.m. about the absurd security formalities, he volunteers, 'Wait until you see what they are going to roll out next week.'"

Sadly, no details were provided. Please ask your friendly TSA screeners about "next week's new regulations" and send us any & all responses. We'll add them to this post, assuming we get anything. IMPORTANT: Specifically ask about the "new regulations." If you ask anything vague like, "Guess what's gonna happen next week?", you'll be shipped off to a secret prison in Syria and tortured forever.

As for you DHS employees taking a break from porn to read Wonkette, let's have some gossip! We shouldn't have to tell you this, but it is unfortunately necessary: Send the tip from home, and don't use your government e-mail account.


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