Wonkette! on Yahoo!

Yes, it's true: Yahoo! has added a slew of Gawker Media Empire content to its news/blog/blorg. What this means for you: Nada. Yahoo! will exert no editorial control or provide any content this way, except more exclamation points. What this means for us: Well, we don't have a head for figures, so we asked the Gawker Media Empire Middle Manager.

10:51:43 AM wonkette: since i've gotten a lot of mail about it, please tell me so i can tell our readers: how much money am i getting out of the syndication deal?

10:51:58 AM gmemiddlemanager: haha

So: to the carpers: It's not selling out if you don't get paid, okay? We're not whores. When you do it for free, that's just slutty.

Yahoo gets into gossip business with Gawker [Hollywood Reporter]


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