Wonkette Operatives Went To Every Teabagger Rally!

Wonkette Operatives Went To Every Teabagger Rally!

Thanks to Wonkette operative "Jonathan R." for snapping this dapper slob protesting at the Washington Monument yesterday. What's his beef? THE GAYS. Why won't they "debate him" no matter how many times he asks, in public (restrooms), for debating reasons?

We've received weird & troubling photographs from across this fair land, even in Iowa City. That's where operative "Jodie P." captured this sad-because-it's-true sign that, ultimately, ends up being Part of the Problem ... just like this whole blog post!

And "Kate R." took her fancy government-job-money camera down to find this tragic scene. UGH NOW WE ARE DEPRESSED, so let's end this post and maybe do another wacky Krazee Peoplez post of funny pictures in a little while, once our tears have dried.


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