Court%20TV%20Party%203.JPGJackie Kucinich sports a stylish Washington Monument headband. Her cute friend doesn't want you to know that she's an intern.

Wednesday night, if you can think back that far, was an absolutely gorgeous evening. We spent part of it enjoying the hospitality of Court TV and Capitol File, soaking in the panoramic views from the Kennedy Center's roof deck -- as well as some sweet-but-not-too-sweet, lemon-flavored libation.

The occasion for the festivities? The opening of Court TV's Washington bureau, featuring Savannah Guthrie, Fred Graham, producer Bryan Lavietes, and a dozen other staffers.

We said hello to all the usual suspects, hinted to the Court TV folks that we'd love to be on TV -- even if it means getting yelled at by Nancy Grace -- and loaded up on sushi.

After the jump, pictures from the event (amateur shots by one of your editors, not photos by Liz Gorman, that Super-Hot Girl Reporter). Plus, our report card on the proceedings. Check it all out here.

Court%20TV%20Party%205.JPGRemind us again -- who's footing the bill for this yummy tuna tartare?

The party was great fun. Much of the conversation focused, unsurprisingly, on the aftermath of the White House Correspondents' dinner. We learned that some of our coverage got people in trouble, resulting in a few lovers' quarrels. Sorry about that!

Court%20TV%20Party%204.JPGYou can't tell from this picture, but they were actually all hunched over her Blackberry. Seriously.

Venue rating: Excellent. The rooftop deck of the Kennedy Center, at sunset, is pretty tough to beat. There was also a high-ceilinged, dimly-lit interior space, but most people were out on the deck. Although the deck was quite expansive, with views of metropolitan D.C. in three directions, everyone clustered near the bar. Because that's what people do in this town.



Starpower rating: Fair. The former-practicing-lawyer, Court-TV-groupie in us was thrilled to see Fred Graham and Jami Floyd in the flesh, and to chat with hottie Lisa Bloom about her great performance in last year's New York marathon. But for the less legally minded, there weren't many marquee names. Aside from the Court TV crew -- including outgoing CEOHenry Schleiff -- the most notable guests were Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, Stuart Taylor, and Matt Cooper, sporting nice sunglasses. (Sen. George Allen was expected to be there, but he sent his PR crew instead. Because that's what people do in this town.)

Court%20TV%20Party%206.JPGSorry, Matt -- Jackie doesn't think you're funny either.

Court%20TV%20Party%201.JPGMichael Steel: apparently much funnier than Matt Cooper (although we can't tell if Jackie's just humoring him).


Food rating: Very good. It wasn't a dinner party, but the hors d'oeuvres -- and liquor -- were top-notch. The chicken satay was tasty, and sushi is hard to resist. But the showstopper was this tuna tartare appetizer, on an impossibly crispy little chip. That stuff is like crack!

court%20tv%20party%208.jpgWe had to skip out before the speeches, but we heard they were kickass.

court%20tv%20party%2010.jpgJeff Dufour's gettin' lucky tonight -- again...

Swag rating: Good. The red Court TV cap is actually kinda cute (see below); it can be worn in public with just a hint of irony. The silver Court TV pen came in a big dagger-shaped carrying case, which we're putting in the nightstand to defend ourselves against burglars.


But we agree with Patrick Gavin: the best goody bag item was the airplane-style, mini-bottle of vodka. Which we happen to be enjoying RIGHT NOW.

'Coz nothing cures a case of writer's block like a stiff screwdriver. Raise a glass to Court TV!

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