Wonkette PSA: Get Your Free Donuts

O Happy Day! Via Slashfood:

donuts%20doughnuts.JPGFriday, June 2nd, is National Doughnut Day. It has been celebrated since 1938, when the day was originally devised to raise funds during the Great Depression. As you might imagine, it was a popular idea.

Krispy Kreme, established in 1937, seems to have been participating in this "holiday" since its inception and, to celebrate, will be giving away free doughnuts at most of its US locations on Friday! Customers have a choice of any flavor of doughnut the stores offer, so make your decision wisely. Will it be the famous glazed or the seasonal Strawberries & Kreme?

Personally, we like those blueberry ones. They look a bit weird and diseased, but they're really tasty!

Free Doughnuts on Friday [slashfood]

Celebrate Doughnut Day! [Krispy Kreme]


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