Wonkette Reader Mail: Bumper Sticker Shock

We are happy to pass along this bit of propaganda on behalf of the homosexual agenda and recruitment plan:

I saw this post and I had to tell you my “fuck bush” bumper sticker story.  I had a fuck bush bumper sticker on my car, along with my “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is” bumper sticker.  I was driving through central PA when I was pulled over for speeding (which I definitely was..but at least I wasn’t drunk).  Anyway..the cop yelled at me for speeding, then went back to his car, where I assume he was writing me a ticket.

He came back to my car, handed me a warning, and said that he only did that because of my bumber stickers.  He continued to tell me how he is gay as well, and against Bush and his right-wing agenda.

Anyway…just wanted to show how being a crazy liberal fag can get you out of a ticket…even if you are in rural Pennsylvania!

Yes, but you are in rural Pennsylvania.


Cop Loves Bush, Hates Bush Hater [Wonkette]


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