Wonkette Reader Mail: Toasting the President

We're heartened to see that Wonkette readers' knowledge of alcoholic beverages extends beyond gin and bourbon. An alert operative took note of the press release announcing that Korbel champagne ("champagne") will be the official wine of the inauguration. Writes our tannic acid operative:

LOVE this. Glad to see Dubya is serving "the good stuff" for his inauguration. I mean, Korbel isn't even Champagne, it's headache-inducing *bad* American sparkling wine. I wonder if "Two Buck Chuck" is providing the merlot?

We're sure their they're* spending the money they save on the troops. Or on high rolling campaign donors. One of those.

Korbel Champagne Adds Sparkle to the Presidential Inauguration [US Newswire]

*Okay, okay, okay...


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