Say goodbye to your little friend!

Would you like to read 900,000 whine words by Glenn Greenwald about what a cuck the outlet he cofounded, The Intercept, is for being respectable center-Left cucks that might as well be Mother Jones and are also cucks? (He didn't say cucks. That'll happen tomorrow.) You WOULDN'T?

Smart move. It's terrible. Which is to say, it's no different than everything else the One True Journalist has written in the past decade, ever since he stopped writing about how we should go to war in Iraq and also about how we should stop pointing out that Tom Tancredo and other anti-immigrant buffoons like him were very, very racist.

My goodness, it's almost as if the guy who ...

... it's almost as if THAT GUY wasn't actually more progressive than everyone else who ever lived this whole entire time.

Man, that was a lot of bullet points. Anyway, it looks like he's no longer faking it.

Here is a time Glenn Greenwald went on at length, over many interviews, about how the "proof" of Russian involvement in the 2016 election — during which Glenn Greenwald himself happily accepted "documents" from the GRU — as shown at the very least in Robert Mueller's charging documents for indictments of the Russian troll farm Internet Research Agency just didn't meet his very high evidentiary standards. Here is the entire past seven years (or a week maybe, who can tell?) of him going on Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan to demand the media stop not talking about Joe Biden and "Hunter Biden's laptop," which according to all these fine intel veterans has all the hallmarks of being yet another Russian intel op, and WHY WON'T JOE BIDEN DENY IT, HENGHHH?

That is the constitutional lawyer's evidentiary standard there. And he is willing to quit his extremely highly remunerated job at The Intercept, because they wouldn't let him run a column yelling about ... Hunter Biden's laptop. How can this be? The billionaire-founded website paid him something on the order of $400,000 a year for his hard work of ignoring so steadfastly Russian interference in the 2016 election that poor Reality Winner was driven to leak him classified proof. There's a very long section in Glenn's screed on why it wasn't his fault Winner got burned as a source, thrown under the bus and to the feds. If you don't want to read his whine letter, which you shouldn't, his argument boils down to: It was not his fault.

He swatted Winner's leaked evidence away like so many Mueller IRA indictments. Proof that Russia was actually dicking around in voting vendors' software and state and local registrars just didn't meet his evidentiary standard. Only "Hunter Biden's laptop" does. Or well, maybe it doesn't, gosh perhaps there are some problems with it, but does that give the media the right to ignore it just because it was being peddled in Ukraine last year before it was dropped off to "blind Delaware computer repairman" by "Hunter Biden," who lives in Los Angeles? Let Glenn Greenwald be the first to say NAY. And the Intercept — his Intercept! — dareth to CENSOR HIM from repeating flimsy disinformation just based on the word of all the spies?!?!?

Now, Glenn Greenwald says he's got something else cooking, and would you please send him some money? He's been kicking around another project with some of "the most interesting, independent and vibrant journalists, writers and commentators across the political spectrum" to be "untethered and free to transgress the boundaries of this polarized culture war and address a demand from a public that is starved for media that doesn't play for a side but instead pursues lines of reporting, thought, and inquiry wherever they lead, without fear of violating cultural pieties or elite orthodoxies."

Yeah, five bucks says it's Bari Weiss, Andrew Sullivan, and the calipers crew. Don't waste your fucking money. Give it, as always, to the last truly independent website in existence today, which, of course, is your Wonkette.

Except I didn't even let Evan say Tucker Carlson is a man who looks like his hobbies are "being a frozen dinner heir and date rape" today. :(

I am a fucking censoring narc, obviously.


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