Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Are Just Fine Thank You!

Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Are Just Fine Thank You!

Here is the lovely Miss Betty, courtesy of Wonkette Operative Kay

You know what is bonkers?

I have been here a while and yet somehow it seems like I have neglected to share with you all one of my absolute favorite videos ever, of all time, which I make everyone in my life watch at some point or another. It is a video of JZ Knight, the lady what told Shirley MacLaine about all of her past lives, channeling "Ramtha" on the Merv Griffin show. Ramtha being a 35,000 year old enlightened being from Atlantis who knows everything except for what order words are supposed to go in.

Merv Griffin Show JZ Knight As Ramtha - 1985 - 14 minutes youtu.be

It is 32 flavors of moonbattery. The thing I like about it though is that people watched this and went "Wow, this seems very real and not at all like this lady is very obviously doing a bit, guess I should join her cult!"

JZ Knight's cult, by the way, is the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, which was also responsible for that What The Bleep Do We Know? documentary that every obnoxious person you know was really into for a minute, and the reason they believed water had feelings. So rude.

Anyway, here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Congrats, Fellas! You're Closer To Getting Your Own Birth Control Pill

9. Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings, Day Three: It's Afternoon, Time For Dumbest GOP Senators!

8. Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings, Day Three: Only 58 More Hours To Go!

7. Mo Brooks Is Telling You He Is Not Leaving (And That Trump Asked Him To 'Remove Biden From White House')

6. Ted Cruz Stole Josh Hawley's Thunder So Not Sure Why We're Still Liveblogging KBJ HEARINGS DAY TWO!

5. Wake Up, Y’all: The Supreme Court Is Political AF

4. Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings, Day Two: Time For GOP Senators To REALLY Show Their Asses!

3. Study: Anti-Feminism Makes You Delusional

2. Man, You Just Can't Take Ted Cruz Anywhere, Can You?


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