Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week But Make It Fashion

Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week But Make It Fashion

Here is the very lovely Cat ZiggyWiggy, courtesy of Noted Wonkette Commenter ZiggyWiggy

Happy Weekend!

How's tricks? Everything good? Good. I honestly have no idea what the hell to put up here this week, so I'm going with a commercial I decided to look up yesterday after a brief discussion on here about Rainbow Brite dolls. A commercial for the Fashion Star Fillies. I was actually lucky enough to own one of these fancy Fillies, she was purple and she was glorious.

Fashion Star Fillies :: Commercial 3www.youtube.com

I actually think about these things a lot, because they were horse runway models, and that will never stop being hilarious. Like there was a pitch meeting where someone said — I know what girls like ... "Horses, but make it fashion. And give them some puffy paint so they can draw a bunch of tragic flowers all over them." And we did like them. They were amazing. Great idea, toy inventor person. Perfect for those of us who loved fashion but weren't really allowed to have Barbies because our moms thought they would give us unrealistic beauty standards, and couldn't have Mall Madness because something something blind consumerism. Far more realistic to want to be a purple horse who is also a part-time runway model, I say.

If it were up to me, really, all of the runway models would be horses.

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Candace Owens Wants To Invade Canada Now

9. Here’s Your Latest Russia-Ukraine Update, Before Sh*t Gets Even Worse

8. Wonkette Weekend Live Chat Enters The Multiverse Of Madness

7. Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, Ti' Punch!

6. Should States Be Allowed To Put Birth Control Users In Prison? Michigan AG Hopefuls Think So!

5. NRSC Chair Rick Scott Would Like To Remind America How Much GOP Policies SUCK

4. Nancy Mace Doesn’t Need Trump, She’s Got Her Trader Joe’s Wine And Her Dignity.

3. Americans MASSIVELY AGAINST Banning School Library Books? But We Heard ... Aw F*ck It

2. The 568,769 Grossest Things Putin's Bestest American Fluffers Have Said The Past 24 Hours

1. Tennessee Considering Just Making Everyone With A Gun A Cop

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