Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Make The World Go 'Round

Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Make The World Go 'Round

The lovely Natasha, courtesy of Wonkette operative Shannon

Happy weekend!

Your present this week is something I certainly never expected to exist after having spent many an afternoon watching "Lambchop's Play-a-long" with my sister (because I was beautiful and kind and gracious), although I certainly would have enjoyed the show a lot more if it had more of this and less "This Is The Song That Doesn't End."

What is it? It is Shari Lewis and Lambchop singing "The Money Song" from Cabaret, which is actually really freaking impressive. I trip up on the lyrics sometimes singing it by myself, nevermind while doing ventriloquism.

Lambchop complains to Shari Lewis on The Raes '78 TV serieswww.youtube.com

Also damn, Shari Lewis was hot. Who knew?

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Alex Jones Thinks He's Going To Beat The Legal System. He Is Wrong.

9. Wonkette Movie Night: Bagdad Cafe

8. Young Queer Republican Horrified To Learn Republicans Excluding Her From Whole ‘Land Of The Free’ Deal

7. Pastor Greg Locke Has Important Update On His Witch Problem

6. Lauren Boebert Fairly Certain We'll All Eat Our Dogs If Dems Pass Gun Control. Lauren Boebert S-M-R-T.

5. Dennis Prager Can't Prove 2020 Election Fraud, Just Feels It In His Heart, Like God Or Santa

4. Let's All Be Shocked And Surprised By This Matt Gaetz/Roger Stone Hot Mic Situation

3. Fox News Terribly Offended That Washington Post Printed Dead Congresswoman's Biography

2. Hey Kids, Ben Shapiro Here To Talk About About 'Moisture State Of Your Own Vagina'


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