Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is A Lion Lying Down With A Lamb

Weekly Top Ten
donna rose and tallulah
the lion lies down with the lamb

Hello hello, it is I, your Editrix, here on a goldanged weekend, as if that is even legal? (I think it is not!) I understand Robyn gives you pet pictures, so then see above. (Yes, we know about cotton balls and fire, that fire is gas behind glass and a gate, and the costume is long-since destroyed.)

Now you may have this week's Wonkette top 10 stories of the week at Wonkette.

10. Did A QAnon-Loving Michigan Township Clerk Run Off With A Voting Machine? I do believe she did!

9. New York Post: Why Won't Rest Of USA Take Ron DeSantis's Easy COVID Cure? Because it is for stupids!

8. It's Child Tax Credit Nice Time! It's always Nice Time when it's Child Tax Credit time!

7. Dr. 'Demon Sperm' Warns Our Leaders Have Been Replaced With Blood-Drinking Clones. And now her colleague is surgeon general of Florida.

6. Let's Trick The Treats Out Of Everyone This Halloween! SER gave you a post!

5. Florida Cancel Cultures College Profs For Criticizing Gov. Ron DeSantis. Was any of it about the state's new top doc?

4. Ron DeSantis Brandons Himself. Too much Florida this week. I guess you liked it?

3. Welcome to Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Recipe, Bourbon On The Rocks! That's better.

2. Stupid Arizona QAnon Idiot Has Racist Thing To Say About Virginia Elections. There, now it is less "all Florida" and more "jurisdiction diversity." Shut up, that is too what that means.

1. Texas Cops Thought They Were Real Cute Ignoring Calls For Help From Biden Bus. You know what, Texas cops? Get fucked.

There you have it! This week's Wonkette top 10 stories of the week at Wonkette!

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