Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is All You're Getting Today

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is All You're Getting Today

The lovely Gennie, courtesy of Wonkette Operative Paul!


It's Memorial Day weekend, which means that instead of working today, I'm going to drop this Top Ten so you all have something to comment on, then I'm gonna get some shit done and go to DSW with my sister. Hooray!

But before that, I got you a lovely present. Or a horrifying present, actually, as the case usually is and definitely is today. It is a rap, performed by a bunch of white people from 1980s Flora, Illinois, about how they want a prison in their town. According to the description, they were competing with about 33 other towns for the honor and did not get it, but did end up on Good Morning America.

Is We Is (Original Upload)www.youtube.com

Yup. This is a thing that exists, and it is horrible.

Quick programming note, before I jet — Rebecca has informed that the commenters here have some kind of movie thing on Saturday nights and has suggested we should put up a separate post for that. Not sure how it would work, but if that is something the people want, maybe appoint someone to tell me what movie you're watching every week and I can put up a post so you can all comment on it in there? My email is Robyn@Wonkette.com, get in touch if that's a thing you want me to do. Or if you just want to send me compliments, which are of course always appreciated.

Have a lovely day!

And here are your top ten stories of the week/ articles that got a lot of page views because of how they were open threads.

10. Why The Right Is Obsessed With Nonexistent Mid-Labor Abortions

9. Virginia County Considers Making Schools Celebrate Slavery, Confederate Generals Again

8. Wonkette Weekend Live Chat Is Still Counting Pennsylvania GOP Primary Ballots

7. Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, The Mint Julep!

6. MI State Rep Candidate Has Great Plan To Ruin Sex For Everybody

5. How Many Ways Did Ginni Thomas Try To Ratf*ck The 2020 Election? Oh, Just All Of Them.

4. Glenn Beck Knows Why

3. So Beto's Pissed

2. Herschel Walker Completely Shocked To Learn Trump Thinks 2020 Election Stolen

1. Hero Clerk Shuts Maine Town Down, Quits Job After Being Refused Vacation Time

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