Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Not A Pipe

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Not A Pipe

Meet WyKnott, a beautiful Persian belonging to Wonkette operative Phyllis!

Happy Saturday!

How is your weekend so far? Mine is Italian toast and Life on Mars and the bag of Trader Joe's coconut cashews that I have not been able to put down and now it is work! Which is why I am now bringing you your top ten. Exciting, no?

Let's get to it!

10. Welcome to Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Special, The Singapore Sling! — From official Wonkette bartender Matthew Hooper! This is what my Nana would always order when we went to Chan's, a lovely Chinese restaurant/jazz club in Woonsocket. I would later assume that this meant it was not very potent and drink an entire flaming volcano's worth of Singapore Sling. It did not end well.

9. Trump Throws Tantrum Over Infrastructure Deal, MAGA Senators Yawn — That tracks. From Liz.

8. The Pandemic's Biggest Scammer Is A Monster Of The Media's Own Creation — It sure would be great if we could, you know, stop giving people who dole out scammy medical advice their own television shows! From me.

7. GOP Senator Just Asking Biden Noms If They've Met His Friend God Who Loves Them Very Much — This is not a religious test. From Evan.

6. LIVE: Real Capitol Terrorist Attack Investigation Begins, No Jim Jordans Allowed — Exactly what it sounds like. From Evan!

5. Nancy Pelosi Not NOT Saying Kevin McCarthy Is A Moron — It's hard to deny. From Evan.

4. Hillsong Founder Considers Vaccines A 'Personal Decision,' No Matter How Many Congregants Die — These people are going to be the end of us. From me!

3. Oh No, Devil Sent Dr. Fauci To Do Dreadful Things To Jesus's 'Seed'! — Sure why not? From Evan.

2. Supergenius Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Thoughts About Vaccines, Segregation, 'Staff Infections' — She does indeed. From Stephen!

1. Is This Terrible Song A Sociology Experiment Or What? — STILL NOT SURE. And I've watched it about 45 times since writing it up. From me, obviously.

Would you like to see Phyllis' other kitty? Of course you would, because she has an extremely good cat face.

She tells us:

Tweety is a love bug and resents it when I have to work (I've been working from home as long as they've run this household...) She does her darndest to place herself between me and her rival, namely the computer. She also dislikes my phone, my Kindle, and my television. The one thing she truly desires is for me to sit in the recliner so she can cuddle up right at my chin and dig her claws into my boobs.That way I can prove that I love her.

WyKnott is named for Wyoming Knott, a character in Heinlein's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress." She earned the name because her original human had given her a name that was close enough in sound that I didn't mind changing it (cats know their names; don't let anyone tell you different.) And since she was So Serious for the first year she lived with me I thought the name suited. She has since loosened up some but she does tend to micromanage me while I'm working.


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