Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Practically Perfect In Every Way

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Practically Perfect In Every Way
I know he's not a cat, but here is my dog Duke! He's an 8 month old Havanese and he's a bitey little man but he's very fluffy and I love him to pieces. — from Wonkette Operative Madison

Good morning!

I've got some fun stuff for you guys this morning! Since it's October, we've got a little bit of a double feature of ... made-for-tv-horror-movie-sequels you probably did not know existed! This is a favorite genre of mine, especially when they star a bunch of people you would just never figure would all be in a movie together.

Like Bates Motel. No, not the TV show. The made-for-tv sequel to the Psycho movies that ignores all of the other sequels to the Psycho movies starring Bud Cort from Harold and Maude, Lori Petty and Jason Bateman. Yep, this is a thing that exists.

Bates Motel 1987www.youtube.com

It's actually pretty darn good, and not just because I really, really enjoy the idea of Lori Petty and Bud Cort being in a movie together, which I do.

The other movie I have brought you this morning is Revenge of The Stepford Wives. Obviously, this is a sequel to the first The Stepford Wives movie. Apparently there were a few of them (The Stepford Children, The Stepford Husbands) but they just never really got their successful franchise on. I would imagine that Ira Levin was probably not involved with any of them.

Unlike Bates Motel, I haven't actually seen this, due to having just found out about it an hour ago, but hey, Julie Kavner and Mrs. Roper are in it, so I've got high hopes and plan to watch it when I am done for the day. Fun!

Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980)www.youtube.com

So let's get to the top ten!

10. Wonkette's Weekend Live Chat Embarks On A World Tour With Kyrsten Sinema!

9. This Is A Very Nice Post About Maggie Haberman

8. Trump Argues For Absolute Right Of Presidents To Loot And Pillage In Copyright Lawsuit

7. Charlie Kirk Geopolitics Corner: Will China Bomb Taiwan Because Of Vermont Drag Show?

6. GOP Donors' Favorite Dem Kyrsten Sinema Spent Last Week In Europe For Some Important Reason

5. What Do We Think This Lady's Airplane COVID Ted Talk Was Going To Be About?

4. Nebraska GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Isn't Worried About Getting Indicted. Not At All. Not One Bit.

3. Look Younger And More Vibrant With Jesus Lady's Plan To Cast Out Evil Spirits Of Death

2. Let's Watch Jamie Raskin Dick-Kick Matt Gaetz, We've All Earned It

1. No, It's Not Normal That Donald Trump Thinks He's Still 'Your' President

Good times!

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