Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Loves You More Than Toast

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Loves You More Than Toast

Meet Oona & Ollie, courtesy of Wonkette Operative Frederick!


Happy weekend! How are you guys? Doing anything interesting? Or watching anything interesting? Hm? I never know what to say here. I just started watching The Way Down on HBOMax, a documentary about the late super Christian diet guru lady Gwen Shamblin, and it is pretty good. Although honestly I keep trying to focus on how she got her hair so big.

Seriously. HOW? I mean, that one is probably a wig but there are other pictures and videos where it looks like it's probably mostly her real hair and I'm astounded.

That's all I've got for right now. Let's take a look at the top ten most popular posts this week/the posts that got a lot of traffic because they were open threads.

10. This Post Is About 'Memory' From 'Cats' Not Trump's Gross Penis — Good, because that is one thing I don't want to think about all alone in the moonlight, or at all. From Stephen!

9. Mary L. Trump Confirms Donald Trump Jr. Is Stupidest In Family, Also Very Weak — That tracks. From Evan!

8. Wonkette Livestream End Of September Blowout! — With me and Stephen! You like us! Tune in Sunday at 3:30ish for some good talking and — if you are lucky — another thrilling costume change. Or maybe I'll just wear my exciting new disco blazer and you'll have to watch just so you can find out what that even is.

7. Anti-Vaxxers Fast Becoming Anti-ICU-ers — That is from me! From last week, even!

6. Pot In Every Chicken! — learn how to infuse chicken fat with pot and then put it on some potatoes, with Fitzgerald Chesterfield! Because that's a thing!

5. Blackface Rosa Parks Lady Explains Herself, Really Does Not Make Anything Better — Oh, that was me, and no she did not.

4. Why Is Matt Gaetz Trending Today? — Evan explains.

3. South Dakota GOP Gov. Kristi Noem May Have Engaged In Tiniest Spot Of Nepotism, Probably No Big Deal — It actually does seem like kind of a big deal! From Liz.

2. It's Wonkette's Special Weekend Happy Hour, With The Old Fashioned! — From Wonkette bartender Matthew Hooper. I would love to drink Old Fashioneds because they sound fancy and old timey, like something Bette Davis would drink, but bourbon and pretty much all brown liquor other than dark rum makes me want to die in my face. Team Gin forever.

1. The Arizona Fraudit Proved NOTHING, DO NOT TAKE BAIT. — Liz is very correct on this one!

We'll be back in a hot minute with some more exciting stories for you. Hooray!

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