Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Was Born To Do The Funky Céilí

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Was Born To Do The Funky Céilí

Brand new resident Céile ("kayla" -- it's Irish) makes clear to the resident cat Ború (also irish) she's not gonna put up with any shit — from Wonkette Operative John

Hey! It's Saturday! So that's something.

This week's headline is brought to you by the fact that the lovely fella who sent us our weekly Caturday pic thought he needed to explain how to pronounce Céile, which is a lovely name.I knew how to pronounce it, but also I am half Irish (which, yes, makes me a shamwop) so I already know that. Maybe you don't, and should you not, here is a jam to help you remember. Sort of. It's close enough, like how when people ask me how to pronounce my last name I just tell them it's like "Pinocchio" with different vowels.

Black 47 "Funky Céilí"www.youtube.com

Fun fact, I actually spoiled "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" for practically all of Galway because I didn't know that they were a million years behind on The Simpsons there and I thought it was a trivia question. Alas, the pains of being a know-it-all.

Anyway! Let's get to our top ten stories of the week, shall we?

10. Willkommen! It's Time For Wonkette's Permanent Election Insurrection Live Stream! — Aw, you like us! You really like us! Some of you, anyway! We're still working out the bugs (one of which is my not-so-great internet connection, which I think I fixed by dumping my cache), but Stephen and I shall see you again tomorrow!

9. Texas Abortion Ban Architect Just Really Wants Everyone To Stop Banging, OK? — From me!

8. Has The Right Paranoia-ed Itself Out Of Ever Having Another Public Demonstration? — Also me!

7. Alabama Secretary Of State Talks Election Security With Traveling Pillow Salesman — And there's Liz!

6. Mary L. Trump Confirms Donald Trump Jr. Is Stupidest In Family, Also Very Weak — And Evan! Although honestly I am not sure that Don Jr. does not have him beat. (Trump, not Evan)

5. Breitbart Columnist: Liberals Trying To Trick Trumpists Into Not Getting Vaccine So They Die — That'd be me again.

4. MyPillow Guy Got A Thanksgiving Surprise For America, And It Is ... NO, GUESS! — Is it a pillow? Alas, it is not. From Evan!

3. Joe Biden Thinks Trump Is 'F*cking A**hole,' Is Correct — Also from Evan

2. Lil Nas X Doing All The LGBTQ Activism For Release Of New Hippety Hop Album — And hey! There's Dok!

1. Don't Forget To Give All The Moneys To Your Wonkette! — From Rebecca, and yes please, do not forget to do that. Because I like having a job.

That's it for now. Shall we close out with another pic of those kitties? Sure, why not!

We'll catch you all in a bit!

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