Wonkette Sponsors Stuff Our Stockings With Cheer (We Hope That's What It Is)


Despite the tragic fact that people everywhere are abandoning the Internet because it's dangerous and stupid, and that by this time next year anyone with a few of their original teeth and a working debit card will exclusively use Facebook and the iPad, this Decemberween is shaping up to be a pretty good one for your Wonkette thanks to you nice people who still brave the "public Web" and the good advertisers who realize all you people have ridiculously high income/education levels (despite or perhaps because of your puerile online behavior). So, a hearty Feliz Navidad and Quando omni flunkus moritatus to one and all, especially you people we just mentioned:

  • Many thanks to Wonkette readers who followed our Amazon links and then bought books and things (mostly things), with valid credit cards!
  • Our very excellent advertising team at BlogAds brought many big campaigns to our pages this month and last, including that scary James Franco cuts off his arm deal and some fancy cable teevee shows and all kinds of other ads that literally pay our bills.
  • Thanks also to our BlogAds advertisers this month: Our Fiscal Future, Crucial.com, HistoryShots.com, The Economist, M.J. Rose and Author Buzz, PoliPointPress, Drowning in Oil, Unforgivable and FIT Personal Training.

To advertise on Wonkette and reach our wealthy genius childless readership, contact us at advertising@wonkette.com.


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