Wonkette: Tastes Like Chicken

Thanks to those who have submitted ideas for the special Wonkette edition of Star Spangled Ice Cream (though, we hasten to note, they haven't actually committed to the project). Some of you went with flavors that might referred to our lefty ideals, others went the ass-fucking, uhm, route. Some of the best:

Ruby Red Scare: a nice grapefruit sorbet.

Sloe Spin Fizz: I imagine such a flavor would use the gin and lemon juice from the alcoholic inspiration, but substitute lemon Pop Rocks for the club soda.

"Wonkette Water": a really cold pint of Makers Mark in a cardboard container. (Along the same lines, we note we keep our gin in the freezer already.)

A slew from a single operative: Liberal split? Chocolate nipple? Fresco UNESCO? In light of Roberts: Here Come Da Fudge?

Strawberry short-n-curlies?

wonkette's willy in the chocolate factory

More mulitiple entries: wonky road, ants on a weblog (granted, this would be ice cream made of peanut butter, raisins & celery, but if they can make bacon ice cream...), peppermint snark

And one we really like for the official DLC flavor:

"Decisively Democrat": include a little of every flavor without committing to exactly what flavor the ice-cream is.  The result: a treat that tries to fit everyone's taste but, as a result, is so mixed up it appeals to no one.

It's Hilary-licious!

What Does a Wonkette Taste Like? [Wonkette]


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