Wonkette's Liz Glover & Lady Gaga Had a Yoga Thing

Hahahaha, here's the complete text of a secret email from Famous Wonkette videographer of record Liz Glover: "Say of it what you will. I trust your judgment." Wait, is that agood idea, Liz? Especially when international video-singer sensation "Lady Gaga" was sweatin' to the oldies in your Capitol Hill Yoga Studio? Right after her sold-out (?) extravaganza at the White House Verizon Amusement Stadium?

Here is the information, verified by the "Reliable Source" column in the Washington Post:

Hey, isn't that Lady Gaga dropping in for the Wednesday noon class at Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, after her previous night's show at Verizon Center? What does Gaga wear to yoga, you ask?

You asked that, right? Well, you must read the "Reliable Source" column to find out! (She wore a ladies' brassiere and underwear "style" outfit, to do yoga, which is either an outrage or "so typical" or just what people do, who knows. Honestly, WHO KNOWS?)

But our Liz Glover continues to be the one person you should be around if you want to meet the People of Infamy in Our Nation's Capital/Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill. [Washington Post]


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