Wonkette's Top 10 Is BEGGING Oh Don't You Do It! Don't You Break Our Heart!

Weekly Top Ten
Wonkette's Top 10 Is BEGGING Oh Don't You Do It! Don't You Break Our Heart!

Zombies: Apocalypsed

Good morning and welcome to Wonkette's weekly top 10, as chosen this week by a mob of zombies! Ready? Get set? RAWR!

10. Tommy Tuberville Vying For Senate's Dumbest Republican, Prob Somehow Lose That To Vanderbilt Too. Haha good one Evan, that let's you be number 10!

9. Anti-Vaxxers Now Trying To Stop *Other* People From Getting Vaccines. This seems like a Robyn joint. (Clicks through.) This is a Robyn joint.

8. Ted Cruz: It's Really Irresponsible That A Certain Person Outright Said The Crap I Just Implied. Howdy SER, thank you for writing the number eight story of the week!

7. Dems 'Bout To Cancel Culture Mad Madge's Committee Assignments. Liz does not care for the Marjorie Taylor Greene one, I think is a fair assessment.

6. Hacky Daily Beast Story On Jen Psaki's Tyrant Ways DEBUNKED By Hacky Daily Beast Story On ... Yeah You Get It. This was fucking stupid.

5. U.S. Funded Global Health Orgs Once Again Allowed To Acknowledge Existence Of Abortion. Hi Jamie! Hiiiii! Bye gag rule! Byeeeee!

4. Crazy We Know, But Did Democrats Learn ALL THE LESSONS About Telling GOP To GET BENT? We think they might have! Unless Joe Biden listens to Larry Summers, which he had better not!

3. Looks Like Trump Had Bigger Role In Sending Terrorists To Capitol Than We Already Knew. Nah, we knew.

2. Jen Psaki Is Finished With You Now. You guys love Jen Psaki, which is good because we do too.

1. GOP Senators Just Begging Trump Impeachment Lawyers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THE FRAUD THING! Guess who's gon' do the fraud thing.

And there you have it, this week's top 10 stories as chosen by a mob of zombies!

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you can have more pictures, of more zombies! (Sorry, Lula was camera-shy this week.)

Look at that 37-year-old five-year-old daughter!

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