Donna Rose and Lula's tiny cakes we like

Good morning catlovers and gardeners and daydrinkers and ... nope, that's all of you. Achtung and LET'S GO!

10. Jim Justice Didn't Think He Was Going To Need Actual Evidence To Justify Transphobic Law. West Virginia governor isn't the brightest Democrat turned Republican we've ever seen.

9. Kansas Lawmaker Arrested For Assaulting Student After Long Day Of Yelling At Teens About God. This guy seems to be going through something, he couldn't have always been like that?

8. The Absolutely True Story Of The Florida Homecoming Queen Hacker Mom! I see what Dok did there.

7. QAnon Lady So Mad Satan Tricking People To Believe Science Instead Of Their Guts. I haven't read this but I feel like I have!

6. Happy May Day! Let's Talk About Some Awesome Ladies Of The Labor Movement. Oh shit, I forgot things my mother taught me! Well looks like I will post it for Mother's Day tomorrow instead, thank you for reminding me, Robyn's post!

5. End Times Idiot Rick Wiles Super-Psyched About Big Dumbstupids Dying Of COVID Vaccine. Man of God so happy the rest of us are all going to die, of "vaccine."

4. Josh Duggar Arrested For Child Porn, Shocking Absolutely No One. Yeah.

3. Want Your Own Business? Want Employees? Then You Have To Pay Them. This headline isn't really true, you can do all kinds of shit, if you're a bad person. I will click on it and see if it's right!

2. Joe Biden Gives Dandelion To His Wife Because He's Some Kind Of Monster. They are really struggling aren't they?

1. Court-Ordered, Judge-Approved Things Wonkette Can Say About Larry Klayman: A List! Hey, it's me! And Superlawyer Larry Klayman! And we have defeated him in a court of law! For serious, this is why we ask you to keep us swimming in ducats and golden doubloons: Because we're your favorite mommyblog, recipe hub, and Superlawyer Larry Klayman Lawyerin' News Emporium, and without us, your life would be drab and pointless and ain't have no Larry Klayman lawsuits in it, except for all the ones he files against Joe Biden, and all the black people, and former presidents' genitals. (RHETORICAL HYPERBOLE!)

So please if you can, keep it coming.

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Now I have only one picture left, I have lain down on the job, I am sorry.

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