Wonkette's Top 10 Is Full Of Fabulous Celebrities!

Weekly Top Ten
Wonkette's Top 10 Is Full Of Fabulous Celebrities!


Good morning, come in, Wonkette's Top 10 stories this week are filled with fabulous celebrities. Some of them are Ted Nugent. Some of them are Jim Caviezel. None of them are Caitlyn Jenner, who couldn't even make our top 10 this week, let alone win the California recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Nobody likes her. It's very sad. TOP TEN TIME!

10. Matt Gaetz Tried To Get Daddy Trump To Lean On DOJ To Push Big Lie All The Way Back In *June*. Yeah, he and his Florida US Attorney buddy were cooking up all kinds of good plans!

9. 'America First' Comes To GOP Wrapped In The Flag, Carrying A Burning Cross. Don't even know what this is about, I took Monday OFF. Oh was it Margarine's immediately disavowed Nazi Pac?

8. Federalist Lady Very Upset Over Alleged Booty Surplus. She does not like big butts, I assume, and I assume everyone already said this.

7. Yoga Causes 'Psychotic Episodes,' Strokes, Hinduism, Say Alabama Christian Groups. Thought you libs loved SCIENCE, henghhhhhh.

6. MyPillow Guy Invites Ted Nugent And Michael Flynn To Self-Pity-A-Thon For Non-Functioning Website. What a fun party we should all go to.

5. Matt Gaetz Is Paying For It. Haha Liz was so mean.

4. Ben Shapiro Got A Wood. Haha Evan was so mean.

3. Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. For Breach Of Contract. Also Being A Gross Perv. Things he got sued for!

2. Actor Jim Caviezel Warns Of 'The Adrenochroming Of Children,' Goes Full QAnon. It's sad, he was very pretty.

1. The Chauvin Jury Is Back. Here We Go, America. The relief didn't last long, and we were back to it.

And there you have it, a Wonkette Top 10 full of fabulous celebrities!

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you may have two photos and POSSIBLY a video of Donna Rose and Tallulah at the fishing access by the chicken farm we went to last weekend, where they had SO MUCH FUN. "We don't want to walk to the river wah wah bitch bitch," said Donna Rose. "Wah there is something in my boot bitch wah." Guess who had the GREATEST TIME, as obviously two inches of water is the best toy in the world.


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