Wonkette's Top 10 Is In The White House Driveway Shirtless, Washing Our Electric Car

Weekly Top Ten
Wonkette's Top 10 Is In The White House Driveway Shirtless, Washing Our Electric Car

Oh no, Donna Rose is turning into a cat, just like Dennis's ex-wife!

Hello hello, I am actually writing this at the correct time on Friday evening instead of waking up at Stupid Time on my day off to slam one together in 14 minutes or less! I AM VERY PROUD OF ME! Ain't mean it's going to be any better though!

Please, come in and enjoy Wonkette's top 10 stories this week as chosen by a clowder of catgirls!

10. I Helped Break Frank Luntz. Bad Jamie! Very bad Jamie! Wait, no, the opposite!

9. State GOPs Putting All Of Their Eggs In Tin Foil Baskets. Robyn reports!

8. Sean Spicer Not Good Enough To Be White House Correspondent For Newsmax. Your impostor complex flaring up again? Sean Spicer has a television show.

7. DOJ Plot Against America Election Coup Gets Very Own Inspector General Investigation. Mazel Tov. Can we make it three inspectors general Liz?

6. Guy Who Predicted Trump Would Win Isn't The False Prophet, YOU'RE The False Prophet. Obviously.

5. Go Off, MyPillow Guy, Go Off! This is your brain on drugs.

4. Here! Enjoy All This Nice Policy Stuff We Got This Week! SO nice! And more a-coming!

3. Look Which Birther-Dentist-Lawyer-Clownshow Has Crawled Out Of Woodwork For Trump Impeachment Suit! Hey Orly! Where she been?

2. Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Bills To Block Mask Mandate, Paris Accord, Sanity, Etc

1. For 'Climate Day,' Shirtless Joe Biden Washes Electric Car In White House Driveway. That Dok, always joshin'!

And there you have it, life is better already, if you like "funny stories that are nice and not Trump trying to literally kill us"! Now you may have some catgirls.

Donna Rose and Tallulah, CATGIRLS!

And you may have another, but this one isn't catgirls, it is regular girls, in 1979 BLUE EYESHADOW, because your comrade Callyson bought me a Sephora gift card, and I spent it all on so much eyeshadow.

Donna Rose and Tallulah, GORGEOUS!

Good job girls, thank you!

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