Wonkette's Top 10 Is ... Is It 'Happy'?

Girls in STEM doo doo DOO doo girls in STEM.

Semiregular check-in: HOW ARE YOU DOING. ARE YOU OKAY. DID JOE BIDEN PERSONALLY COME VAX YOU YET? Yesterday Joe Biden came and personally vaxxed the last remaining adult in our home, or rather sent enough doses to the rez where we live that our (Republican) neighbor whose wife works for the tribe knocked on our door to see if anyone needed vaxxing: Vials had been opened, and somebody best use them!

Guys, this is so fucking huge. I mean, it's huge for us, though we still have two little girls in the house and can't go out licking your faces just yet. But Biden's announcement Wednesday was huge for everybody. All adults eligible by May (and I'm guessing that's really vaxxed by May, since Prezzy Joe likes to underpromise/overdeliver) is huge. We were looking at July — late July! — before, and the thought of that even for middle aged people who already worked at home and whose wonderful grown kids came home ... was fucking sickening. It's coming you guys. It's truly coming. OK, top 10 as chosen this week by an apron of nurses.

10. That's Not What Sexism Is, Kyrsten Sinema. Boy isn't it!

9. Josh Hawley Had A Poster Above His Bed In College. It Was A Gay Poster. It was a pretty gay poster.

8. We've Got A Brooklyn Bridge To Sell Whoever Buys Jack Dorsey's First Tweet For $2.5 Million+. There's been ever so much stupid tech news this week. This was one of them!

7. President Biden Signs COVID Relief Bill Without Sharpie, Does That Even Count? I rule that, believe it or not, it DOES count!

6. BREAKING: President Biden Won't Be Signing Your Stimulus Checks. Because He's Not A Grifting Narcissist. Still counts! And you may be getting direct deposits this weekend.

5. America, We Have A Damn Attorney General. Remember before Billy Barr, there was Jeff Sessions, and Meatball? Don't forget Meatball!

4. That Idaho Mask Burning Was Creepy AF. The world is a sad place sometimes. This is one of them.

3. Trump Might Be More F*cked In Georgia Than We Knew. The world is a sad place some .... HAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING! :D

2. Mike Pence Is A Moonie Now, Practically. This fucking guy.

1. Jared And Vanky Need Some 'ME TIME', Can't Help Daddy Plot Right Now. Moue! Moue! From now on I am just going to say "Moue!" like it is a word they are saying instead of a noun for their dumb pout faces, and it's early morning Saturday, so I'm not even high! Moue!

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Aaaaaand Shyyyyyyy!

Never in my life would have seen "homeschool" coming, goddamn.


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