Wonkette's Top 10 Is What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Weekly Top Ten
Wonkette's Top 10 Is What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Donna Rose out on the town

I think the robots fucked up the counting this week, you guys. But let's see what they claim is Wonkette's Top 10 as chosen by the robots, which I am pretty sure fucked up.

10. DEEP STATE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP, Shrieks Rudy Giuliani In Letter To Real Judge. Poor old Rudy, just kidding.

9. BRB, Wonkette's Top 10 Has To Go Punch G_d In The Face. Top 10CEPTION. See what I mean? Yeah, whatever goes up on the weekend gets lots more attention than your typical Wednesday post, but that does NOT extend to the top 10 itself! The counting robots are clearly malfunctioning!

8. Kyrsten Sinema Just Wondering How Democrats Will Pass Voting Rights Bill That She's Helping The GOP Block. Upside down smile emoji.

7. Former Staffer Sues Colorado Congressman For Rampant COVID A**holery. He WAS an asshole!

6. Veritas Goons Tried To Take Out Deep State In DC Honeypot Operation, Fell On Their Asses, As Usual. James O'Keefe is so upsetting.

5. And How Is Rep. Matt Gaetz's Friday Going? It was going poorly.

4. What If Your Stalker Was Marjorie Taylor Greene? I would be very unhappy is what!

3. In Which The Kid From 'Silver Spoons' Berates A Costco Employee Over A Mask. Not only is Ricky "Rick" Schroder a dumb asshole, but that man looks like shit. Blah blah blah by 50 you have the face you deserve.

2. New York Times: Joe Biden Secretly Ronald Reagan In That One Old SNL Sketch. Haha, I loved that sketch.

1. Alleged Wife-Murderer Also Alleged Trump-Vote-Frauder, For Two Terrible Tastes That Are EVEN WORSE TOGETHER. They are terrible tastes that combined are exponentially terribler, the end.

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Now you may have some babby pix, but they are not great pictures, they are oh shit it is 9:47 blogtime who has a picture left in their phone pictures.

Lu woke up and she is SIDEWAYS!

How many times do you think we fixed that broken fucking couch?

There are 40 of this picture in my phone in a row, great job Donna Rose, photographer.

Okay I'm out, thank you for reading Wonkette, we love you and whatnot, goodbye!

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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