Wonkette's Top Ten Marched Through ALLLLL Your Dimes!

Weekly Top Ten
Wonkette's Top Ten Marched Through ALLLLL Your Dimes!

Donna Rose has some her time

Good morning good morning who is excited for MORE LIVEBLOOOG, IT IS ME, but that is in half an hour, or "all the time in the world," and now you get an early top 10, chosen for you this week by a loop of numismatists, and I'm late writing it! That's what we call a "paradox," no it isn't. Is it "ironic"? Swing and a miss! If it's not those two it must be "begging the question." Yes, yes it is.

10. Liz Cheney Tells Kevin McCarthy To Grow A Pair. That was some several days ago, and now he needs to grow em AGAIN, because Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler HAS HAD ENOUGH SIR.

9. Senate Republicans SHOCKED, SHOCKED At Mean Tweets. No, Not Trump's, Neera Tanden's DUH. Yeah, I mean, it really hurt their feelings apparently. That's two Lizzes in a row, for those of you who love COUNTING!


8. Trump Nuns Not Even Real Nuns. And they don't even go here! Robyn raps the fake nuns' knuckles.

7. This Day In Labor History: Feb. 6, 1919, The Seattle General Strike! Hey, it's a nerd guest post from our nerd friend Erik Loomis, yay!

6. Let's Watch These Badass Democrats Finish The Job. Impeachment Liveblog, Day Three! Evan blooged.

5. Loathsome Trumpists CAN'T BELIEVE They Only Got A Month's Paid Paternity Leave, THANKS OBAMA. Liz and I have talked about how the past four years have made us worse people: meaner and less generous in our souls (FUCKIN RIGHT I'M BLAMING THEM FOR MY ACTIONS). And you can see the proof here, as I wish pain and lack of family leave on new parents just because they worked for an administration that tried to take away everyone's health care and put other people's babies in actual cages. But I probably wouldn't have said anything if it weren't for the whining. God help me, I will turn this car around.

4. Impeachment Liveblog Day 4: Trump's Razzle Dazzle Legal Team Gonna LAW SO HARD. Liz blooged and then I batted cleanup, I am so tired you guys.

3. Wonkette's Second Annual Trump Impeachment Trial Liveblog Starts ... NOW! Evan blooged.

2. Liveblogging Every Second Of The Second Day Of Trump's Second Impeachment Trial! Evan blooged.

1. Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Hundred Dimes? Oh my darlings, you spared two months' payroll worth of dimes, SO FAR! Keep em coming, so I can embezzle all the dimes from myself and move to Fiji.

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Now you are wonderful, let's see some baby pictures!

"Wait," she said, "I have to put blood on my mouth like I ate someone. Okay, now!"

Cross-eyed alien! (NOT A ZOMBIE.)

Scary clown alien, if anybody knows Stephen King, which I'm sure is a longshot, definitely don't show him this picture, he'll have nightmares!

Aw someone got up from her nap and someone else was sweet to her instead of such a bitch!

"Do you want to look scary?" "YES."

"Mama can we have an alien snack?"

It went on ALL NIGHT. Gonna need more eyeshadow.


And there you have it! This week's top 10 as chosen by a loop of numismatists, GOODBYE!

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