* Duke Cunningham gets the longest sentence ever given to a congressman: 8 years and 4 months.

* Blackberry users, exhale.

* A Wonkette exclusive: a new Hurricane Katrina briefing video, which exonerates everyone! Maybe it will boost the president's approval rating, which has reached an all-time low.

* Condoleezza Rice lets us see her sweat.

* After participating in the most vacuous interview ever, George Bush travels to India and Pakistan (and even makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan). The trip results in a landmark nuclear energy agreement with India -- and many funny photographs.

* David Gregory drunk-dials Imus.

* The Supreme Court finds Anna Nicole Smith appealing.

* Our are men and women in uniform unable to access Wonkette, as well as many other fine and upstanding websites? Maybe; maybe not.

* Hillary: Karl Rove obsesses about me. (Don't think too hard about that one.)

* Tom Malin, the former gay prostitute now running for the Texas state legislature, refuses to withdraw. Well, we never doubted his stamina.

* Finally, a little Wonkette navel-gazing: check out our latest feature, Cartoon Violence, and our live chat on washingtonpost.com. Fun stuff.


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