* The big news of the week: according to a new court filing in the Scooter Libby prosecution, Libby testified that he leaked information about a National Intelligence Estimate with the specific permission of President Bush.

* The Senate fails to strike an immigration deal before leaving for spring recess. Our take on the issue is available here.

* Tom DeLay announces that he will not run for reelection. He gives the scoop to Chris Matthews, who thanks DeLay profusely and thoroughly embarrasses himself.

* Campbell Brown and Dan Senor tie the knot. Crazy talk and conspiracy theories follow shortly thereafter.

* Katie Couric announces that she'll be leaving the Today show to anchor the CBS Evening News. We offer CBS some suggestions for showcasing her nice legs.

* Cynthia McKinney apologizes on the House floor for her scuffle with the Capitol Police -- which a federal grand jury is looking into. McKinney's colleagues have been steering clear of her lately, fearful that she might club them with her Dasani bottle.

* Wonkette's ultimate fantasy looked like it would be coming true: Cynthia McKinney was planning to stage a protest at the campaign headquarters of Katherine Harris. Unfortunately, the plan fell apart.

* By the way: Happy Birthday, Katherine Harris!

* We weren't invited to Kathy Harris's birthday party; but we did go to lots ofotherparties. We especially enjoyed The Week Opinion Awards, where we hung out with Original Wonkette and met blog stars like Arianna Huffington and Andrew Sullivan. And Froomkin!

* Speaking of parties, there was a very cool poker party on Wednesday night, attended by star players like Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Greg Raymer -- and Roxanne Roberts.

* The scandals keep on coming in this town. Brian Doyle, deputy press secretary at the DHS, has been arrested on charges of using a computer to seduce a child.

* New scandals erupt, and the old ones keep rolling on. Jessica Cutler's lawyer files a "notice of withdrawal" (hehe), perhaps because he was involved with her back when in her Washingtonienne days. A judge allows Robert Steinbuch's invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Jessica to proceed.

* A prominent politician has a cokehead daughter. Actually, make that many politicians have cokehead daughters. So what else is new?


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