* You have to respect hookers. Who else could take a regular oldho hum corruption case and make it really get interesting? This one could get very good, so keep watching -- it'll all be here.

* It's just wait on see on our old buddy Karl too. All the orange jumpsuit pics will be here once we get 'um.

* In the category of news that's not news, but everyone wants to hear anyway, George Clooney spoke at the National Press Club. Swoon, swoon, loving sigh, swoon. Seems also that the light from George's star burns so bright, it extinguishes other lesser, previously scheduled, stellar formations.

* Scott McCllelan has only been gone for a week and already Bush has a new lamb to lead to slaughter. They say Tony can take it though, that he's a cool customer and part time rock god, but we're reserving judgment til an .mp3 comes through. We did get a chance to go see for ourselves that everyone else was more than happy to line up for the gravy train.

* The kickball kids must have been too drunk to talk to reporters, and the non-profiter's Ultimate league has already gone underground, so the Wall Street Journal (the paper to read if you really want to know what's going on) put a little piece about Hill softball up on the front page and now all the staffers are a twitter. They're not really fooling anyone (we already know what's in the red cups) but the hitting and catching is a nice garnish.

* Don't think we forgot there's a huge party tonight. Wonkette's gonna be there, and we'll tell you all about it so it'll be just like you were too.


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