Wonkette's Week in Review: Hello Pander Bears

* John WALNUTS! McCain introduced a bill called the Walnut Canyon Study Act. This is the fifth (probably) time he's introduced a bill involving the study, care and preservation of the legacy of walnuts. We also summarized the long, Reason-esque Reason cover story on McCain.

* Sometimes the dick will suck itself, as with this headline.

* Dick Cheney hasn't smiled like this since George H.W. Bush vomited on the Japanese prime minister. Hey, did you ever notice that assassination has ass in it twice?

* Michael Musto's book party was a good time, full of laughter and beauties of indiscriminate gender. Intern Nick did the honors and received a compliment on his good looks.

* We said goodbye to Bob Ney, who always danced like nobody was watching.

* Goodbye old friend Bob Ney, Hello new friend Drew. Drew wrote in with a challenge to Barry Hussein Obama's manners: "Potential leaders of the free world should take these social networking sites seriously, damn it."

* Al Gore is full of cereal, won an Oscar and Donna Brazile, keeping with her tradition of never shutting the fuck up, was on hand to say something forgettable.

* Ann Coulter, clawing from the grave at the Conservative Political Action Conference, calls John Edwards a faggot and we've got the video. But Wonkette commenter Lionel Hutz puts things in perspective by reminding us that faggot "is only an insult if you are under the age of 12."


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