* The sandstone walls at 1600 Pennsylvania are bursting with beauty. We decided to play the wicked stepmother and ask, "Who's the fairest of them all?" There are fine choices, whether you prefer men or women. In the off chance that you prefer to pass judgment using more than a thumbnail photo, we've even provided testimonials: boys here and girls here. Polls close Monday morning at 10, and for God's sake no cheating please.

* Proof that "Republican Strategist" is fast becoming an oxymoron, as Jack Burkman offers cash for a lesbian to have sex with him. In case she changes her mind, Jack made sure she had one of his business cards. Stay classy Jack.

* President Bush didn't get anything to eat on the way back from Iraq, so after landing he went and put his foot straight in his mouth. We weren't the only ones who found it funny, but after the all the jokes this story has a happy ending.

* We scored an interview with former adult actress-cum-Nevada gubernatorial candidate Mimi Miyagi. But it looks like porn stars will do anybody.

* Former FEMA director Michael Brown sent us an email, proving he can both read and write.

* The circus won't be coming to town now that Rove's off the hook.


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