Wonkette's Week in Review: Mr. Blabby Blab

* Please send photos and updates when tens of thousands of earnest yuppies descend on the Mall for Saturday's Tibetan Danny Glover Freedom Concert. We'll be at Busch Gardens along with every other journalist in Washington.

* The Politicowas fathered this week by the Allbrittons. The media failures are also the proud owners of the $28 million Georgetown crime scene we've been investigating. Coincidence?


* Hillary Cunton consummated her trail of tears. Soon after, she got busted for paying right-wing blogsnot to run her campaign ads.

* "So I say to John Kerry, I love you John Kerry. And I'm so sorry that things didn't work out for our country, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I will always care about you greatly and remember the times we've spent together."

* In an attempt to tidy up before killing himself, David Bradley makes Andrew Sullivan Senior Editor of The Atlantic: "I've spent my adult years believing that life is a sine curve of inevitable highs following inevitable lows. What is new to me, in this second career, is that the highs are much higher in journalism and the lows much lower. I had not understood, before, how wide could be the band of emotions."

* Michele Bachmann isn't afraid to lose control, uses farm hands to offer the President a little encouragement. The DumpBachman blog says "Good-bye Katherine Harris, Hello Michelle Bachmann." But we'll never turn our backs on Kitty. She removed her invisibility cloak to to hand out business cards to anyone who didn't wince at her at the SOTU.

* Like Alberto Gonzales, we weren't allowed to attend the big event. So we liveblogged the shit out of the blabby blab. And the blabby blab blab response. Believe you us, the whole affair was like looking in a drawer full of diamonds and we're still hungover.


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