* The Supreme Court bench-slapped the White House in the Gitmo military tribunal case. Tony Snow is unfazed: "Oh, those wacky Supreme Court justices, who knows what those guys mean!"

* Katherine Harris: just as crazy as last week.

* Tom DeLay doesn't mind a nice landing strip, but he prefers a shaved beaver.

* Congressmen sneaking around Iraq looking for WMD better not forget their 3-D glasses.

* We wandered around One First Street for hours, left some drool on the marble floors, and were shocked -- shocked! -- at the poor footwear choices of tourists.

* The New York Times is a little rusty on their 40's war-effort OPSEC propaganda slogans. They forgot the part after "loose lips sink ships" that goes, "And whoever's lips did the sinking gets summarily executed."

* Senator Chuck Grassley is tired of only being able to roll 24-inch rims while the pimps in Souf Eazt push 26" blades, so he calls for "Lengthy audits of their lifestyles." Really, he just wants to know where they get their suits.

* A little flooding of biblical magnitude never hurt anybody.

* God had to send all that rain to keep the flags safe. These colors don't run! Except on "heavy wash" setting with hot water.

* The Hill Intern Hotties winners could catch fire in a hurricane.

* We get a little caught up in the Congressional Baseball Game. In fact, you could say that we lost ourselves.


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