* In defiance of the best interests of both the Democratic party and summer weekend motorists, Jack Murtha chooses Friday afternoon to declare his intention to run for majority leader, with the notion that Democrats will actually win some midterm elections and retake the House. "Jacky Drama" and "First Degree Murtha" expected to be to most popular nicknames.

* No tears, but at least one full sigh as we watched DeLay's farewell speech. We hope someone got some free drinks at his party, and will send us pictures -- of the party, not the drinks.

* All your yellow ribbon magnets and support for the troops have paid off! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in Iraq. Death can sometimes be a beginning, as in this case when it started a civic morality discussion on how to display bloody portraits, and how not to. The President, as usual, was out in front with the ideas.

* His prosperity threatened, Arlen Specter walks calmly to his desk, retrieves his weapons, and fires a shot at Dick Cheney -- with an angry letter and, um, a craigslist posting.

* First, find out what Kiplinger's is. Second, get paid out the frame like Tom Delay and Dick Cheney. Third, use fresh lucre to rapidly consume goods and services, increasing overall life satisfaction.

* Bush got back to the gay marriage thing, but unlike other Bush initiatives, this one was over quickly.

* More than one blogger's wet dream was realized by a New York Times article on Katherine Harris.

* Cynthia McKinney is at it again, setting a bad example any way she can.

* The rumor about Bush and Condi burned so hot, it consumed itself in seconds.


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