Wonkette's Week in Review: Too Soon, Too Soon

* Jenna Bush wants a book deal for her story of hope, 2008: I'm Finally Fucking Free.

* Ted Stevens, whose former chairmanship of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee belied his lack of familiarity with the way that commerce, science, and transportation operates, has found that his wife is now on TSA's no-fly list. He continues to threaten the Internet, claiming, "I will get you back, you son of a bitch."

* The presidential contenders continue to get ready to get started to maybe go. At this point, we recommend taking it with a grain of, ah, single malt.

* Which well-known local newspaper, with a reputation as a benevolent patriarch, uses A1 stories to run blind items on the whereabouts of estranged former reporters?

* Virginia's racist politicians would be a lot more cute and quaint if they weren't so damned close.

* The long-awaited and oft-heralded Scooter Libby trial began not with a bang, but with some huddled reporters and their little blanketed cameras.

* The White House Correspondents Association continues trying to surpass its teacher in ability to issue completely inaccurate statements.

* Barry Obama has always had enough to get by, enough to get fly.

* Next weekend's peace march will focus on marching and peace, be lightly attended.


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