* Don't fret, we wouldn't let an idle summer week pass without a shallow poll. Thus, we proudly present: The Hill Intern Hotties competition. Since everyone already knows how this works, we'll just let you speed along - boys' poll here and girls' poll here. In case you're one of those "readers," we've also got written testimonials for all the pretty girls and all the strong men.

* In non-hottie-related news, it's getting really hot in Florida, and the reporters' and editors' brains are starting to resemble an anti-drug commercial.

* Even Supreme Court Justices like to wear their gang colors out to parties.

* The really scary (but probably untrue) Bush-Condi boot-knocking rumors persist.

* Presidential nephew Pierce Bush has a face that exudes the "another round of domestic bottles for me and my homeless tranny friend" lifestyle.

* Congressional daughter Briana Bilbray has the same taste in swill as Pierce.

* Our take on the U.S.'s World Cup finish.

* Congressional Democrats shake their skinny fists at the lack of a withdrawal schedule for Iraq. We yawn.

* Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta resigns. We yawn some more.


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