* Short week, short review. First thing you need to know is: on Friday, Wal-Mart tried to answer the questions, "Why you acting shady? Why you ain't callin' me baby?", by having Beyonce and Taylor Hicks perform at their shareholder meeting. CostCo admits they were served.

* In its infinite wisdom, DHS slashed the terror prevention budgets for DC and NYC, redirecting the money towards protection of the nation's critical booze-producing infrastructure.

* When one slow news day turns into two, you start a slow news streak, and once you're there, you have to start either making shit up or codifying the obvious.

* 700 million dollar man Hank Paulson was nominated for Treasury Secretary. Everyone is still waiting for the big "Sike!" regarding his love of nature and all God's creatures.

* After they finished the "rock paper scissors" tournament, the Maryland jury in the "Sniper" case figured enough time had passed to make it look real, and convicted John Allen Muhammad.

* No, Al Gore is not running for President -- he's running for Earth.

* A week without Katherine Harris is like a week without air. Luckily, she'll never be too far away, regardless of how much it costs.


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