* Oh, the fun we have! Chris Matthews' friends laughed at Kim Eisler, then Wonkette's friends laughed at Chris Matthews' stationery.

* But no one laughed at Jack Kingston's attempt to cop some street cred.

* Ports, Ports, Ports.

* Having saved David Gregory's job, we are expecting to be the next recipient of one of his giggly drunk international calls. It's only fair, Dave.

* We witnessed the all-too-soon end of Take Your Legislator To Lunch day. To everyone's disappointment.

* Wolf met Jack, and it looks like we made it through the post without a Brokeback Mountain joke! Good work all, drinks all around.

* We called Pat Roberts, and he didn't seem particularly happy to hear from us. Sometimes we just think funny things...

* They may not be able to convince the International Community that they're a responsible governing body, but Hamas has convinced 10-year-old girls across the world that martyrs are totally cute.

* Ex-prostitute Tom Malin is not an ex-gay ex-prostitute. He is also, unfortunately, not a Texas State Representative.

* We got drunk at the Press Club! With bloggers! Which son do you think Mrs. Reed is prouder of: Lou, or the one who edits that libertarian magazine?

* Is the military censoring Wonkette? Not exactly, unless you have a pretty liberal definition of "censoring." But someone doesn't like us, that's for sure.

* The State Department is, apparently, a hotbed of bitchy gossip and infighting. Obviously, we'll be much more interested in it from here on out. U.S. Ambassador to Sudan: "Where's your prophet now?"

* Is it just us, or were there like fifty identical poll results released this week that were all treated as breaking news? Anyway, we just liked the ones that came with graphics.


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