• Ever wonder what passive-aggressive uptight agriculture administrators do when they boil over? Now you know.

  • Katherine Harris's senate campaign reminds us of a kitchy 60's feminist empowerment fantasy but we're not sure which one. Oh well, there's not many better ways to spend a weekend then smoking a joint and watching them all.

  • When times are desperate, and you just have to meet Tim Russert, you might want to try showing up on Nebraska Ave. Sunday morning - you know what time - with a nice floral arrangement and a card addressed to, "the most interesting and important man on television." We're not sayin', we're just sayin'.

  • As the Vanity Fair cover fades from memory, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame decide it's time to get theirs, hold press conference to let us know. Dick Cheney is shaking in his Allen Edmonds.

  • Thanks to Arlen Specter using his "serious face" in negotiations with the White House, a secret court is now allowed to put it's quarter in the slot and get a 30 second peek at the steamy domestic spying program.

  • Is this heaven Osama? No. It's Indiana, the place where terrorists' dreams come true.

  • We love going Bananas for the semi-monthly "Castro's dead" rumors.

  • The National Press Club makes an honest reporter out of the new and improved Jeff Gannon.

  • Wonk'd, Washington's celebrity sighting column of record, is entered as "Exhibit-W" in the trial for infamous Duke "laxer" Collin Finnerty.

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