Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Put A Cat On It!

Weekly Top Ten

Hello and welcome to Saturday! Are you living for it? YOU ARE. Today we have Wonkette's top 10 as chosen this week by a Cabinet of Competents! Hey, a website can dream!

10. Donald Trump Won't Host G7, Can't Spell It Either. HAHA, good one Dok.

9. Senate's Dumbest Republican Also A Sniveling Toady If You're Into That Sort Of Thing. Oh Liz let Ron Johnson HAVE IT.

8. President Bigly Brain's Batsh*t Presser Went Lil' Bit Off The Rails Yesterday. Evergreen post.

7. Should We Freak Out Yet? Your Postal Service Fuckery Roundup. I believe the answer was yes!

6. Matt Schlapp To Own The Libs By Getting A Ton Of Parking Tickets. Stop. No. Don't.

5. Gun Nut Blows Own Nuts Off, Is Hailed As Hero By Group Of Men Who Point Guns At Their Nuts. No. REALLY. Don't!

4. Why Would GOP 'Denounce' Rush For Calling Kamala Harris A 'Ho'? He's Just Like Them. What Robyn said again, as usual.

3. Infowars' Millie Weaver Arrested For Robbery, Domestic Violence — Not For Intrepid Journalism. Yikes, Infowars lady!

2. Trump Reaches 'Call Fox & Friends And Whine About How Awesome He Is' Stage Of Grief. How does Evan keep these posts fresh and new, when Trump does the same thing EVERY DAY? It's a mystery!

1. Feed The Kitty. Hey! It's me! You like me! You really like me! I KNOW this was at the top of the page for like 20 days, but it still counts.

And there you have it! Your top 10 posts of the week as chosen by a Cabinet of Competents! Now once you have fed the kitty by clicking the widget if you forgot to before (and if you are able!),

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